Honour for FAMS Patron

It is a matter of great honour and pride that FAMS patron Shehneela Ahmed heads the top 80 powerful influential business and sports women around the world. A great recognition indeed and we wish her many more successes in the years to come. PRESS RELEASE – 15/12/2016 London SHEHNEELA AHMED HEADS TOP 80 POWERFUL INFLUENTIAL…

Honour of Officer’s Cross OCCWS

Two members of the FAMS Board of Directors Dr Aamir Ayub & Dr Lalarukh Khan were awarded the Honour of Officer’s Cross OCCWS, Companionate of the White Swan on Monday the 13th of April 2015. An impressive ceremony was held in The Royal Society of Medicine, London attended by dignitaries from several other countries. His…

TFN gives boost to FAMS

The funding Network (TFN) described as the charities ‘Dragon’s Den’ provides a platform for charities across the globe to pitch for funding for their work. The application of each charity is scrutinized in a very fair and transparent manner and then shortlisted to present in the TFN main event. FAMS was shortlisted for the event in London…

What We Do

While the responsibility of selecting these students rests on the local scholarship committee, FAMS EC ensures the availability of funds for the 5 year MBBS course for each student. This is no easy task which has become even more difficult due to global economic meltdown and the ‘charity fatigue’. FAMS holds an annual fund raising dinner for this purpose. In spite of the above, FAMS has enjoyed an excellent support from the Pakistani community in north-west of UK. Each annual event has attracted more audience and support than the previous year. The number of people wishing to sponsor a student has almost doubled in the last couple of years. In addition to the annual event, smaller roadshows have been conducted in the mid year to reach out to people in other cities not yet familiar with FAMS.

FAMS takes pride in the fact that we have negligible administrative cost. There is no office, staff or expense on brochures or advertisement. The funds, hence collected, are paid directly as student’s fee. FAMS accounts are checked annually by UK Charity Commission.