Selection Process

We ensure a fair and transparent selection process for entry into the FAMS scholarship program. Most of the applicants are expected to be in their first year of medical school, however consideration is given to students at higher levels as well.

Applications are invited by the principal of the respective medical school at the start of the academic year. The applicants are shortlisted on the basis of the information in their applications and asked to appear for an interview conducted by the college scholarship committee. The student’s credentials and their financial status is verified and if needed their parents or guardians are invited for further verification.

The applications of selected students are then forwarded to FAMS EC in UK for formal approval. On approval of application, the college is informed of the EC decision and funds are transfered into provided college account.

Scholarship Conditions

The continuity of FAMS scholarship requires satisfactory level of attendance in the classes, achievement in professional examinations annually, and satisfactory conduct reported by the principal. Only one member of a family is eligible to apply.  Repeat authorisation of the funds is reviewed annually on the basis of successful attainment at college and no change in financial circumstances.

  • Funds for every individual student will be paid DIRECTLY into the college account.
  • No payment will be paid to any individual or into any personal account.
  • Any false claims will result in immediate termination of funds.