10th Anniversary Fundraising Dinner

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FAMS achieves an important landmark as it celebrated its 10th anniversary in November this year. The event was marked by a sell out annual event held in Royal Nawaab, Manchester on the 14th of November. As usual it was a packed house with people coming in large numbers from other cities including London, Birmingham, Sheffield and Blackpool. One of the highlights of this event was the special documentary on FAMS which included interviews from the students currently enrolled under FAMS scholarship and those who have graduated as doctors. The documentary was very well appreciated by the audience who, for the first time, were able to listen to the students as to what FAMS means to them.

The entire event was sponsored by Habib bank UK. The auction of different items raised a record amount of funds.

FAMS team remains indebted to all our well wishers who have supported us through last 10 years and we hope for their continued support in future as well

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